• TANDEM AND TRI-AXLE DYNOSIn-house manufacturing - custom systems available

Land & Sea’s DYNOmite Truck Chassis Dynamometer Systems combine super-duty frames and rollers with DYNO-MAX™ software for sophisticated industrial diagnostics and power testing.

“Rugged systems, with advanced road-load simulation, for serious service and emissions work.”

Tandem-axle dyno for large highway trucks. Heavy-duty pit-mounted assembly features up to four eddy-current absorbers. Above ground (including the drive-up ramps) and tri-axle configurations are also available.
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Basic 1,350+ Hp* truck chassis kit includes: heavy-duty tube-steel frame and 30"-diameter “dually” wide-roll assembly – with machined-in “traction grooves,” air brakes, diamond-tread deck plate, floor anchors, wheel chocks, vehicle tie downs, eddy-current absorber and controller with overdrive, S-beam load cell, DYNOmite-Pro data-acquisition computer, inductive RPM pickup, DYNO-MAX software, electronic auto-load control, 28-channel data harness, engine-temperature thermistor, and more. (Upgradeable to dual eddy-current absorber and AWD configurations – at any time.) See Specifications or Models and Prices pages.

“Earth-Mover” tri-axle dyno for 120,000 pound off-road vehicles. Super-duty pit-mounted AWD assembly features up to six eddy-current absorbers. Above-ground (cradle-mount or dual-axle) configurations (suitable for on-road trucks) are available.

1,000 to 4,000+ Hp* Pro chassis kits include: a FWD/RWD (optional AWD upgrade shown below) tube-steel frame featuring multiple 20", 24", 30", 44", or 60"-diameter high (or medium) inertia rolls – with machined-in “traction grooves,” bolt-on diamond-plate decking, floor anchors, wheel chocks, vehicle tie downs, air-cooled eddy-current absorber(s) with step-up drive, electronic torque transducer, DYNOmite 28-channel data-acquisition computer, inductive RPM pickup, DYNO-MAX “Pro” software, printer, Windows 7®-equipped Dell™ laptop, mobile computer stand, electronic auto-load control, weather station, AFR Module, 42" high-volume cooling fan, hoses, engine-temperature thermistor, and 28-channel data harness.

4½" – 60" rolls (cutaway shows super-duty truck “dually” 30" with one eddy-current absorber) have machined-in “traction grooves” to handle big low-end torque or race speeds and Hp.

Overdriven absorption units – handle low-rpm truck torque loads* that competitor’s light-duty 1:1 drives cannot match. Our high-capacity absorbers allow steady-state testing and servicing trucks in the same road-speed ranges that owners really operate them at. (*Capacities are approximate, as they are primarily tire safety and traction limited – higher torque requires adequate vehicle restraints.)

Large-diameter “traction-grooved” rollers provide safe high-torque driveline loading at minimal tire slip – reasons why all our chassis-dynamometer rolls feature Land & Sea’s signature surface. Other brand’s cheap cosmetic (diamond-shaped) press or cut knurling is almost a joke in comparison – some require so much down force that their reported power varies virtually in proportion to strap tension!

Dynamically balanced rolls, with massive axle shafting, dramatically limit vibration – even at higher speeds. Heavy-duty sealed bearings allow for extended-duration testing with low maintenance.

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DYNO-MAX dynamometer control software screen.DYNO-MAX dynamometer analysis software graph. DYNO-MAX “Pro” Software creates a full vehicle dashboard on your PC. Features include: real-time trace graph display, adjustable limit warnings, pushbutton controls, user configurable analog and digital gauge ranges, color graphing, test-report database, instant playback, inertia compensation, Smart Record™ trigger points, adjustable channel-data dampening, full data import/export, semi-automatic zeroing, voice alarms, wireless Pocket DYNO-MAX™ interface, emissions consoles, etc. (Click for full list of features.)

DYNOmite Data-Acquisition Computer displays and records true unlimited Hp, torque, RPM, elapsed time, etc. at up to 1,000 readings per second (per channel). It will even automatically apply SAE correction factors for air temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity.

Fix driveline problems that might never show up in the garage, like shifting issues, driveshaft vibration, brake squeal, bearing noises, brake shudder, exhaust rattles, etc. – without costly field testing. Just drive it on, strap it down, hook up the tach (or use Smart Ratio™) and test – a full report prints out automatically.

8½" rolls require 3½" of vertical “strap-down” (tire deformation) to wrap around the equivalent (flat-earth) contact of a 44"-diameter roll. Under high torque, only the unlinked forward roll offers support. This FEA image’s red zones show where excessive deflection is causing power loss and hidden tire damage!

Larger diameter rolls are safer! Excessive strap-down forces, especially when combined with too-small roll diameters, can cause hidden tire damage. The FEA (Finite Element Analysis) images (at left) compare large-diameter and small-diameter rolls, under equivalent contact patch conditions. Those red hot-spots highlight the hidden cord overloading that occurs running smaller rolls under high loads. Note how thrust climbs the tires up onto the forward roll (of a tandem-roll pair). No wonder tire manufactures disclaim liability and warranty responsibility for tires abused on small rollers. Larger-diameter rolls better replicate the flat-earth that tires are actually designed to run on.

Measuring power under a controlled RPM load is simply vital for proper mapping of engine management systems and guess-free emissions work. This requires a high-capacity absorber. Inertia-only dynos are unsuitable for this type of work, as such units cannot maintain a loaded MPH or RPM setting. An absorber allows running controlled RPM step or sweep Hp tests, so everything is under computer control – via the included Electronic Auto Load.

MAX – How Eddy-Current Absorbers Work - Animated look at how eddy-current absorbers create load (MAX narrated).

We manufacture single-axle, dual-axle, and even AWD tri-axle dynos – with adjustable or multi-roll wheelbase accommodations and electronic or mechanical linking. Front, Rear, Multi-Axle, and All Wheel Drive trucks can be tested on the appropriate model DYNOmite truck chassis dyno. Many allow front/rear torque-bias monitoring and support bidirectional mounting. Both electronically and mechanically coupled systems are available. We can even convert many other manufacturers’ older, single-axle chassis dynamometers to include AWD capability, with full Electronic Axle Synchronization, at a fraction of the cost of a new installation!

Mechanically linked heavy-duty (20”roll) AWD systems for multi-axle trucks. Available in a wide combinations of absorber capacity, roll count, and wheelbase range.

Verify emissions under load using your existing, or our optional (digitally integrated) DYNOmite five-gas Exhaust Emissions System or DYNOmite Smoke Opacity Meter. Proper emission testing procedures require repeatable absorber load control, impossible on simple inertia dynos. No more trying to use unloaded idle data to verify that a truck is in emissions compliance. Send customers for state inspections with confidence.

DYNO-MAX dynamometer control software screen.

Live-person technical phone support without other companies’ obnoxious voice-mail runarounds. Our standard hardware phone and e-mail support, plus access to the DYNOmite owners 24/7 web support area, are all included – for FREE!  

*Approximate; limited primarily by tire safety and traction - higher torque transfer requires tie downs. Continuous capacities depend on selected absorber and test speed. Air-cooled absorber loads are rotor temperature dependent. Water brake power capacities are RPM dependent and assume a minimum water supply of 1 gpm @ 30 to 60 psi for every 20 continuous Hp. Call Land & Sea, Inc. at (603) 226-3966 for the approximate capacity of any specific test configuration.

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