• THE ULTIMATE PTO DYNO:State-of-the-art dynos with sophisticated data-acquisition and software

Land & Sea’s DYNOmite Tractor PTO dynamometers are affordable, state-of-the-art dynos. All feature sophisticated data-acquisition electronics and powerful software packages – at a price/performance ratio formerly unheard of for a professional PTO dyno.

“Modular designs… allows field- upgrading power capacity!”

Trailerable PTO dynamometer with its (overdriven) dual #650 eddy-current absorbers, allows testing typical tractors to 1,000+ Hp. No cooling water or hydraulic pump maintenance is required.
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Typical Tractor PTO dynos include: 96-volt DC #400 eddy-current absorber, eddy-current power supply control module (120-volt AC input), temperature-compensated full-bridge S-beam load cell, cooling fans, DYNOmite-Pro data-acquisition computer, Auto-Load Control, magnetic RPM pick-up, 28-channel data harness, mobile trailerable frame – with removable and height-adjustable tongue, heavy-duty absorber-to-PTO shaft, telescoping guard, calibration arm, full-function data wiring harness, and manual. (Other voltages and capacities available – call.) Watch video of a typical tractor-PTO dyno-tuning session. See Specifications or Models and Prices pages.

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DYNO-MAX dynamometer control software screen. PTO-RPM eddy-current load chart.DYNO-MAX™ software option creates a full engine dynamometer lab console on your Windows PC. Features include: real-time trace graph display, adjustable limit warnings, voice alarms, pushbutton controls, user-configurable analog and/or digital gauge ranges… along with advanced data tools and reporting functions. (Call or click for full list of features.)

Integrate your Windows laptop using DYNO-MAX, together with the PTO dynamometer’s electronic load, and optional, throttle control hardware – for keyboard dyno control. Without special programming you can easily execute many complex break-in or endurance simulations and custom load-test cycles.

DYNOmite data-acquisition electronics eliminate paper and pencil data logging - automatically recording true Hp, torque, RPM, elapsed time, etc. at up to 1,000 readings per second (per channel). It can apply inertia compensation and SAE atmospheric correction factors. Test results display on either your DYNO-MAX equipped PC or optional portable DYNOmite LCD. Either configuration can output reports to your compatible printer (an optional ASCII thermal printer is available for portable operation).

Our DOT approved trailering package includes rubber-torsion axle, brakes, street-legal tires, adjustable-height (removable) tongue, dolly wheel, light package, safety chains, plate mount, and VIN numbers.

Trailer options include our DOT-approved light package, surge brakes, safety chains, plate mount, and VIN numbers for registering the trailer for on-road travel. Easily travel from service shop to service shop or even in-field tractor testing. Watch one customer's tractor-PTO dyno video!

Retractable leveling stabilizers (removable for towing) permit testing on uneven surfaces. They allow handling the higher-torque loads of larger or modified tractors. Adjustable leveling stabilizers are frame mounted (and retractable for towing) for testing on uneven surfaces. They allow handling the higher-torque

All you need is an electrical outlet (or small generator) to test right in the field. The included leveling/stabilizer jacks swing up and the heavy-duty driveshaft stows right in the frame’s compartment – for towing with the trailering option (shown above).

Heavy-duty driveshafts are used in both our single- or dual-absorber PTO dynos (as shown at right). All the shafts and U-joints are heat treated – for longer life under the extreme torque loads of full-throttle PTO testing. A telescoping shaft guard is included.

Precision torque transducers all use temperature-compensated full-bridge strain gauges. Environmentally sealed industrial S-beams load cells measure the precise shaft torque, allowing the data-acquisition system to accurately calculate repeatable real-time horsepower. Pushbutton, semi-automatic zero-offset calibration is a standard feature.

Models are available to test virtually any tractor (or similar equipment). The PTO dynamometer’s modular design also allows upgrading as testing needs change.

6,500 foot-pound* and 1,300+ Hp* capacity using our dual eddy-current absorber configuration. The lighting-fast control of our electric absorbers provides far better controllability than older hydraulic pump-type PTO dyno designs. (Other custom absorber combinations are available to test engines from 1 to over 2,600 Hp.)

MAX – How Eddy-Current Absorbers Work - Animated look at how eddy-current absorbers create load (MAX narrated).

No matter how large your tractors, we have a PTO dynamometer up to the task. Here, EkotuningCom of Canada performs some magic on a tracked Case.

Available in a range of sizes to match the tractor to the dyno’s PTO capacity. We offer the widest array of capacities in the industry, ready for any range of tractor-testing requirements.

Sophisticated data-acquisition features that include: “Smart Record™,” data dampening, spike filtering, inertial compensation, data-point averaging, atmospheric correction, auto-zeroing of load cell, instant data playback, and integral rev-limiter.

All types of smaller tractors can be tested with a single DYNOmite PTO dynamometer. One unit will handle both high and low RPM ranges, plus either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.

Reduce field-service problems by getting work right the first time. Uncovering turbo or injection system malfunction, or other issues, is no longer trial and error. Dyno testing protects profits while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction.

Low-cost and rapid hookup are just two benefits of the DYNOmite PTO system's unique design. Both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation output shafts may be tested.

Easy test set-ups by mechanics and technicians with no dyno experience. Get quick horsepower plots of the entire torque vs. RPM curve. No prior experience with computers is needed. It can take less than an hour to install, test, and output report data with the DYNOmite. Just back up to the dyno, hook up the PTO shaft, and begin testing. Both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation output shafts may be tested.

Salenbien Performance’s championship pulling tractor, coupled (via a custom PTO adapter) to their 3,000 Hp DYNOmite (Siamesse-rotor) diesel docking station.

Automated load control is a standard feature. Just push the buttons to select the operating RPM, or set a sweep rate and allow the DYNOmite’s advanced PID algorithms to run the whole test. The computer logs all of this data automatically. (Simultaneous electronic throttle control, via DYNO-MAX, is also an available option.)

Even the world's most power full pulling tractors can be tested with the DYNOmite super-duty axle-hub tractor dynamometers.

Sustained (remote site) endurance testing requires an energy-dissipating absorption dynamometer – with an integral cooling system. Unlike hydraulic-pump dynos, the DYNOmite’s air-cooled eddy-current absorbers can load a tractor indefinitely.* (Click to, PTO-RPM based, load charts for more info.) Their electronics also allow running controlled RPM step, sweep, load percentage, or even custom "real-world simulation” tests. Everything is under computer control via the included electronic auto load.

DYNO-MAX dynamometer control software screen.

Advanced options include: fuel flow and airflow turbines, pressure transducers, “Weather Station,” EGT (exhaust gas temperature) thermocouple kits, smoke-opacity meter, thermistors, and more.

Live-person technical phone support provides a significant advantage over other companies’ frustrating “voice-mail tag.” Our standard hardware phone and e-mail support, plus access to the special DYNOmite owners 24/7 web support area, are all FREE! 

*Approximate; continuous capacities depend on selected absorber and test speed. Air-cooled absorber loads are rotor temperature dependent. Water brake power capacities are RPM dependent and assume a minimum water supply of 1 gpm @ 30 to 60 psi for every 20 continuous Hp. Call Land & Sea, Inc. at (603) 226-3966 for the approximate capacity of any specific test configuration.

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