• ON-BOARD ROATARY TORQUE TRANSDUCER KIT:Measure power and torque right at the output shaft

Driveline rotary-torque transducers allow measuring the torque and horsepower on almost any rotating driveshaft assembly. Equipping a driveline with these computerized wireless transducers allows on-the-road monitoring, recording, and printing of true engine output.

“Turns any vehicle into a rolling dynamometer lab.”

Wireless rotary torque-transducer installs like a front U-joint replacement – WITHOUT driveline modifications.
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Standard on-board kits include: wireless electronic torque transducer-equipped driveshaft yoke, tail-shaft pickup coil, wireless interface module, DYNOmite handheld data-acquisition computer, AC power supply, data wiring harness, and protective carrying case. See Specifications or Models and Prices pages.

DYNOmite data-acquisition electronics eliminate “driver’s memory” data logging. The DYNOmite computer automatically records true Hp, torque, RPM, MPH, elapsed time, shift ratio, etc. at up to 1,000 readings per second. It can even be set to automatically apply all the SAE correction factors for air temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity. Using DYNO-MAX™, results will display on your laptop, or directly onto a LCD-equipped DYNOmite handheld – for printing to our optional portable ASCII printer.

DYNO-MAX 2010 "Pro" dynamometer-test  graph DYNO-MAX Software option creates a full engine dynamometer lab console or vehicle dashboard on your laptop. Features include: real-time trace graph display, adjustable visual and audible limit warnings, voice alarms, pushbutton controls, and user configurable analog and digital gauge ranges. There is even an integral drag strip Christmas tree with special ET formulas.

DYNO-MAX 2010 "Pro" ssoftware on laptop.

Built in Smart Record™ allows automatic triggering of data collection without the driver manually activating the DYNOmite. Other advanced features include: real-time data dampening, spike filtering, playback data averaging, atmospheric correction, torque auto-zeroing, instant playback, and integral rev-limiter.

Not “guesstimated” inertial Hp – the wireless transducer reads the actual torque from shaft-mounted strain gauges. Unlike all those hobby- level acceleration-based devices that attempt to back-calculate horsepower from elapsed time or accelerometer readings, the DYNOmite provides accuracy and repeatability that helps make testing meaningful. We sell these to top NASCAR teams, and OEMs worldwide – this is not a toy!

“Typical” rotary-torque transducer (on driveshaft yoke), receiver coil, RPM pickup, and DYNOmite wireless board.

Unlimited power and torque can be read on custom shaft installations – to over 15,000 RPM (using special high-RPM models). Standard transducers are available for vehicles ranging from tiny 5 Hp karts to 8,000+ Hp dragsters. Custom industrial and OEM installations available for almost any application. There is no torque application that is too high for a custom installation. If your shaft can handle the torque, the DYNOmite can measure and record it!

High-temp electronic components are used, for the rotary board’s hybrid layout (both through-hole and surface- mount parts), to optimize stability and size. This lightweight, state-of-the-art transducer uses no brushes, slip-rings, or batteries, and does not consume any horsepower.

Simple installation… just replace the vehicle’s forward driveshaft yoke with our (included) modified OEM yoke and integral transducer assembly (available for most rear-wheel-drive truck and automotive installations). The pickup coil clamps onto the end of the transmission’s tail-shaft. Wiring consists of connecting both of the DYNOmite’s tachometer leads and then plugging in the rotary transducer’s shielded data cable along with its attached 12-volt lighter plug. Multiple transducers can be purchased to support additional vehicles.
Dyno any rotating shaft assembly by equipping it with our unique wireless transducer. Get real-time monitoring, recording, and printing of true shaft torque and horsepower. No prior experience with computers is needed to get professional results.

0 - 5 Volt rotary-torque transducer components (showing the wireless transducer on driveshaft yoke, tail-shaft receiver pick-up coil, wireless interface module, and power cables).

How it works: Your stock driveshaft yoke is replaced with the DYNOmite’s wireless rotary- torque transducer assembly. These transducers feature full-bridge strain gauges (temperature compensated) that precisely measure torsional yoke twist (resulting from engine torque driving the shaft). That measurement is converted into a digital signal by the transducer’s computerized electronics. This data is broadcast to the receiver’s pickup coil (without any mechanical contact between the rotating transducer and stationary coil). Shielded cable connects the coil back to the DYNOmite Rotary Interface Module (inside the vehicle). There are no transducer batteries to charge or maintain. The system is always ready for monitoring, recording and displaying the vehicle’s performance.

Bells and whistles include options to capture EGT, engine temperature, fuel flow, BSFC, forward and lateral Gs, distance, MPH, MPG, AFR, tailpipe emissions, transmission slip, shift ratio, oil or fuel pressure, atmospheric test conditions, 0-5 volt auxiliary inputs (for lambda sensors, etc.), and even GPS location (maps the vehicle’s position via orbiting satellites). Radio modem telemetry is available to broadcast track data, in real-time, back to your race pit crew’s laptop.

Here, a pair of custom DYNOmite planetary-drive absorbers measure the gear-box’s output, while the on-board rotary-torque transducer measures the power being input.

Everything is dynoed… exhaust back-pressure losses, fuel-starvation issues, ram-air efficiency, coolant-temperature effects, transmission drag, traction, etc., so things are evaluated as you really run them. Dynoing the pro’s way catches certain problems that may not be observable in most conventional engine or chassis dynamometer cells.

Is it the engine or driver? End that question forever – with a full dynamometer printout at the conclusion of every race. Know for certain whether increasing ETs or lap times are due to the engine going away, chassis set-up, or driver.

Mapping fuel-injection or digital-ignition curves is a piece of cake. Just tweak your map, push the pedal, and you instantly have the dynamometer facts, not a “seat of the pants” guess. It is the perfect companion to your on-board AFR tuning software.

Eye-opening information is what you get whenever monitoring delivered power. See what is causing your driveline problems, poor 0-60 times, or that disappointing off-turn acceleration. R&D projects uncover exciting, and formerly hidden, performance relationships when every change is evaluated via a new dyno curve. You will learn things you never even knew to ask questions about.

Dyno every pass, lap, or pleasure cruise without eating up your expensive equipment, time, and money flogging the engine in the dynamometer cell. We can mount a rotary-torque transducer onto most shafts.

It does industrial applications too. Many machine equipment manufacturers, research labs, government agencies, schools, etc. are using our custom installed DYNOmite rotary-torque transducers. We install them onto your own shafts (of steel, aluminum, etc.). Applications can run from down to about ½" outside diameter on up to large drums that are over four feet in size.

Factory-direct technical phone support, before and after the sale, helps you get the most out of our rotary-torque transducer technology. You speak directly to the company that designed, built, and sold you your hardware and software (no third-party voice-mail runarounds). Our standard hardware phone and e-mail support, plus access to the special DYNOmite owners 24/7 web support area, are all FREE! Why not try giving us a telephone call about your own custom driveline application today?

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