• SCOOTER DYNO:Iinertia-only models or with integral eddy-current absorbers

Land & Sea’s DYNOmite Scooter Dynamometers combine professional data-acquisition electronics with DYNO-MAX™ software for precision (inertial + steady state) horsepower testing.

“Seat of the pants’ tuning is hopeless! Rolling-road dyno testing is the only way to evaluate perform modifications on modern scooters… without leaving the garage.”

Scooter-only dynamometer offers the industry’s best value for serious testing and tuning. Available as an (upgradeable) inertia-only model or with integral eddy-current absorber.
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DYNOmite Scooter Dynamometer, with powerful DYNO-MAX software, provides the industry’s best value for serious testing. Available as an (upgradeable) inertia-only model or with integral eddy-current absorber.

DYNOmite Scooter Dyno includes: 13"diameter x 25" wide medium inertia roll assembly – with our machined-in “traction grooves,” quick-adjust wheelbase front mount, roll-up ramp, tie downs, optional eddy-current absorber and electronic auto-load control (with a step-up drive) and full-bridge torque arm transducer, DYNOmite data-acquisition computer, DYNO-MAX software, inductive RPM pickup, AC power supply, and data wiring harness.

DYNO-MAX dynamometer control software screen. DYNO-MAX dynamometer software graph.

DYNO-MAX™ Software option creates a full vehicle dashboard on your PC. Features include: real-time trace graph display, adjustable visual and audible limit warnings, operator configurable analog and digital gauge ranges, pushbutton controls, color graphing, test-report database, inertia compensation, Smart-Record™ trigger points, adjustable real-time data dampening, data import/export, semi-automatic torque zeroing, voice alarms, instant playback, etc. (Click for full list of features.)

DYNOmite data-acquisition computer automatically displays and records true horsepower, torque, RPM, elapsed time, MPH, etc. at up to 1,000 readings per second (per channel). It will also apply Standard, SAE, or DIN atmospheric correction factors for air temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity conditions.

Motorcycle-only dynamometer offers the industry’s best value for serious testing. Available as an (upgradeable) inertia-only model or with integral eddy-current absorber.

Forget “flash acceleration smoke shows”! Absorption DYNOmites display honest unlimited Hp* using a strain-gauge torque transducer, under a controlled road load – vital for correct injection system mapping. Beware inertia-only brands with no option to hold a MPH and RPM setting, or unable to display true Hp and torque in real time. Absorber-based systems can execute step RPM tests and realistic-rate sweeps of the Hp band. They pick up longer term problems often missed during short power bursts. Because everything is done under electronic auto-load control, tests are easily run by a single mechanic.

Our chassis dynamometer assembly-line area, just before pre-shipping testing. We also accommodate production and servicing of private-label brands − with the capability to take your product line from raw material to decal application."Simulate road and track conditions by allowing DYNO-MAX’s “Road Load Simulation” mode to simulate vehicle air drag, momentum, rolling friction, etc. Just enter the bike’s weight (with rider) and drag data. After that, to the driveline and operator, the “feel” is like actually driving along the highway.

Machined-in “traction grooves” provide more traction (but less heat buildup) than cosmetic diamond-knurled rolls – without requiring excessive (Hp-robbing) strap-down force. 

Dynamically balanced roll with machined-in “traction grooves” limits vibration and tire heating. Test bikes to 250 MPH and 675+ Hp* on the higher-capacity DYNOmite dyno systems. (Capacities are primarily traction dependent, so even more low-speed rear-wheel torque can be applied with tie downs.)

Avoid hazardous road tests checking out performance modifications. Instead, evaluate things like exhaust or fuel-curve changes by quickly plotting full Hp graphs. Plus, an absorber-equipped DYNOmite’s ability to hold any RPM turns mapping fuel injection, or spark curves, into “child’s play.” Forget those driveline problems that never seem to show up until you and the bike are many miles from the shop; the dyno may save you from a long hike home someday! Plus, you will avoid embarrassing comebacks and irate “Monday morning” customers.

Hand-crank adjustable wheelbase (or optional electric-actuator unit and air-clamp mount) plus two lightweight (removable) loading ramps make set-up super quick.

So easy to install you can have your DYNOmite up and running the day it arrives.

Affordable five-gas Exhaust-Measuring System option digitally integrates with DYNO-MAX “Pro”.

Test emissions under load using your existing (or our optional DYNOmite five-gas fully digitally integrated) exhaust analyzer. The proper emission testing procedures require repeatable absorber load control, impossible on simplistic inertia-only dynos. No more attempting to use your analyzer or AFR module during unloaded idle operation to try and verify that repaired cycles are in emission compliance. Send your customers for state inspections with confidence.

Rapid on-off setup makes it very practical to test many different model scooters back to back (without doing time-consuming road trips). Just roll the machine on, strap it down, clamp on the inductive tach lead, and test. When you are done, a full color report can print out – automatically.


DYNO-MAX dynamometer control software screen.Make money selling dyno services. Unlike paying for repair labor hours, the same customers willingly purchase dyno time – just to get that full printed report. Selling dyno testing, to even one scooter owner a day, pays off your DYNOmite in a few months!


Build customer traffic with “Dyno Days” held during open-house events. Just displaying the dynamometer in your shop helps your salespeople close new bike deals. A DYNOmite dynamometer also enhances your salespeople’s credibility, by providing them “inside info” that they can then back up – with a quick tour of your dyno cell and printed dyno sheets. Customers want to buy from shops that can demonstrate that they have the right stuff.

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