DYNO-MAX 2010™– the ultimate dynamometer control, data-acquisition, and analysis software. Only DYNO-MAX puts such an advanced a dynamometer lab console onto your Windows PC or laptop.

“The software soon becomes your dyno… and DYNO-MAX 2010’s feature depth makes it the best – at any price!”

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DYNO-MAX 2010 highlights include: modern Visual C++ design, 64-bit (or 32-bit) computer and operating system compatibility, customizable console, real-time trace graphing, data formulas, EGT bar graph, adjustable visual limits and voice warnings, color reports, graph zooming and clipping, user-configurable digital and analog gauges (with multiple needles), inertia compensation, Smart Record™, adjustable data dampening, playback-data averaging, STD, SAE, DIN, ECE, JIS, etc. atmospheric correction (with friction compensation), full data import/export and multi-run overlaying, averaging (plus variance comparison – in “Pro” version only), semi- automatic torque zeroing, instant last-run playback, Road-Load Simulation (via our optional servo control), Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi wireless Pocket DYNO-MAX™ remote control (“Pro” version only) options, preset single-click printing, searchable test runs database, automatic setup configurations saving – as Environments, and much more.

DYNO-MAX runs fine on our high-end (64-bit Pro+) console’s PCs or even mini laptops. There is even a “Pocket DYNO-MAX” version – for wireless PDA control.
“Environments” provide you the ability to export and recall any previous test setup configurations. This makes it easy to swap between completely different types of dyno tests, or classes of engines, without losing your customization efforts. You may switch between testing blown big-block engines one day, and then a tiny two-stroke the next, all without ever having to modify a single gauge name, graph range, or test parameter.
DYNO-MAX runs fine on our high-end (64-bit Pro+) console’s PCs or even this unique flip-top tablet. There is even 
		  a “Pocket DYNO-MAX” version – for wireless PDA control.
DYNO-MAX 2010 “Pro+” is the most advanced DYNOmite dynamometer control software ever produced. One of this release’s most impressive features is its powerful Formula Editor. Additionally, User Formulas allow you to expand calculated data sources – beyond the (over 300) built-in ones. If you want to chart something like “My Personal Friction Estimates,” it is as easy as typing in the equation. Publication-quality graphs and custom data reports (with overlays, averaging, annotations, etc.) are only a print-button away.
DYNO-MAX “Pro” features numerous built-in consoles, plus a drag-’n-drop Console Editor for  creating your own completely custom layouts.
Canned automated test cycles and wizards (plus a sophisticated customization-editor within the “Pro” version) allow creating virtually any type of computer-controlled test in minutes. Several of these included cycles are ideal for road-course simulations, chassis-dynamometer testing, and automated fuel-injection mapping.
Even complex automated engine break-in cycles (above) can be programmed in just seconds – using DYNO-MAX “Pro’s” 
	    Auto-Test Wizards and/or its sophisticated custom test editor.
Integrate your DYNOmite and PC with the appropriate electronic-load and throttle options – for keyboard DYNO-MAX control. Easily execute preprogrammed RPM step and acceleration sweep tests, or engine break-in cycles. Full test editing is allowed (in the “Pro” version), letting you develop complex race simulations or endurance tests. Program things like your throttle and load, cell fan, or N2O injection to operate under computer control.
Even complex automated engine break-in cycles (above) can be programmed in just seconds – using DYNO-MAX “Pro’s” 
	    Auto-Test Wizards and/or its sophisticated custom test editor.
Hot-key and mouse activated dyno control buttons let you test with only one finger. Plus, Smart Record™ allows the PC to start (or stop) data capture automatically, as you cross over your RPM, Hp, or other preset trigger points. It is like having extra hands and eyes.
DYNO-MAX offers an incredible array of powerful graphing and data presentation tools… automatic axis scaling, individual 
		  point examination, inquiry slide bar, and windowed data lists.
Automatic limit protection helps save engines if things go amuck. You can set talking voice warning limits that, for example, throttle back if temps go too high. Each of the user- defined gauges includes its private set of these high/low alarms and hardware-control actions!
Publication-quality reports and color graphs (including your company name and logo) may be printed directly from within 
	  	DYNO-MAX “Pro” – or exported for use in other documents.
View key data points on screen with just a mouse click. You select which engine parameters to show, keeping data-size manageable. Variable playback speed allows scrutinizing events in slow motion (using VCR-type controls). Freeze data down to a single 0.001 second time slice. Print custom graphs that may include: RPM, torque, Hp, fuel flow, BSFC, air flow, BSAC, EGTs, temperatures, pressures, MPH, and much more. Reports may also include details on any of the engine/vehicle’s specifications.
DYNO-MAX Dynamometer Test Reports
Multi-media Demo Tour makes learning many of these DYNO-MAX “Pro+” advanced features... painless (also available online). The CD includes a full working DYNO-MAX “Pro” demo. You will quickly see why users, worldwide, acclaim its industry-leading power and fantastic interface.

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DYNO-mite Dynamometer support technican.
Live-person technical phone support (from people who designed the software) provides a significant advantage over other companies’ obnoxious voice-mail runarounds. We want you to get the maximum out of your software, so each license includes a year of top-notch no-charge telephone and e-mail support – after required factory training. Licensees are also provided with continuing access to our special DYNO-MAX Users 24/7 web support area – for FREE!

DYNO-MAX 2010 is optimized for Windows 7 thru 10®* (64-bit or 32-bit) but may also be run under Windows Vista® or XP®. *Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation®. Minimum recommended PC or laptop requires a 1+ GHz (2+ GHz is far better) 32 or 64-bit processor, 2+ gigabytes of memory (less is required for Windows XP®), one free USB 2.0 port or 9-pin RS-232 serial port (per DYNOmite-Pro board set), XGA (1,024 x 768) or higher screen resolution, and 200+ megabytes of free hard-disk space. A sound card allows using the voice alarms, while a color inkjet (or laser) printer is recommended for printing graphs. An Internet connection and e-mail are required for support.

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