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Leasing helps you make money with your dynamometer.

Land & Sea offers different business lease options for financing your dynamometer.

“Protect your cash flow budget by spreading out the equipment cost over time, while it earns you money. Relatively little up front cash is required!”

Can't afford a dynamometer right now? Land & Sea offers financing and leasing options (for USA and Canada) that make purchasing a DYNOmite dynamometer easy. Often we can put you into contact with an independent leasing firm in your own area. Often you can take delivery before the week is out! 

$1.00 buyouts available on "lease to own" plans in most states. Payment periods can be structured over a 24 to 60 month term, and require as little as one month's up front payment!

Save money on taxes, in many cases, by leasing vs. owning. Leases can be structured to best suit your current tax situation.

One day approval! Fill out the request form (below) and typically have approval in about 24 hours. You can even deal privately with the lease firm, without submitting any financial information through Land & Sea.

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*Do not include any confidential financial information in this preliminary form. Upon receiving your request we will email you an application (or put you in touch with an independent leasing firm). 


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