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DYNO-mite Dynamometer (definition) engine dyno and chassis dynamometer systems: 1 to 10,000+ Hp. World’s largest dyno line – manufacturer-direct prices!

      “How do DYNO-mite dynamometers work?

Axle-hub dynos (AWD or 2WD) are available with eddy-current or AC (motoring) absorbers. Our smaller motoring unit pairs are available for traction-control vehicle testing on any type dynos.
Axle-hub chassis dyno systems: World’s largest line! Try Dyno Selector Tool, to see your best options & prices. Phone for prices on trade-ins.
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Our “multi-roll” mechanically-linked AWD dynamometer option allows hassle-free testing of FWD or RWD traction-controlled vehicles, as well as 4WD and AWD applications.
2WD and 4WD chassis dyno systems: World’s largest line! Try Dyno Selector Tool, to see your best options & prices. Phone for prices on trade-ins.
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Customer’s question: “I saw a 1924 brand-X chassis dyno on e-bay. Do you have anything used that might be cheaper?”  Our reply: “Sure!” (A joke question, but call and let’s talk.)
USED engine and chassis dynos: including demos, trade-ins (all brands), and end-of-lease systems. Phone for current listings and bargin prices.
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Water-brake, docking-station, engine dynamometer thumbnail
Auto engine dyno (aka dynometer, dynomometer): Race docking-station systems, research dynamometers, and engine-stand dynes.

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AWD, eddy-current, chassis dynamometer thumbnail
Automotive chassis dyno (aka dyne, rolling road): 2WD, 4WD, and AWD (to 2,500+ horsepower) inertia + eddy-current chassis dynamometer systems.

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Axle-hub eddy-current, AWD pod dynamometers thumbnail
Axle-hub dyno: Both 2WD and 4WD eddy-current pod systems – AC absorption and ACtiveSync motoring options also available.

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Diesel, docking-station, engine dynamometer thumbnail
Diesel engine dynamometer: Heavy-duty water-brake absorbers, as engine mount, engine-stand, of docking-station configurations.

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Kart engine-dyno thumbnail
Kart small-engine dyno (Briggs, etc.): Inexpensive absorbers direct mount onto crankshaft, while pro configurations feature complete test stands.

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Marine prop-shaft dyno thumbnail
Marine prop-shaft dyno: Water-brake absorber mounts to outboard or stern-drive lower units, in or out of water. Real Hp, not meaningless hydraulic pressure.

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Motorcycle chassis dynamometer thumbnail
Motorcycle/ATV/UTV/scooter dynos: Test ATVs, bikes, FSAE racecars, scooters, etc. with these inertia + eddy-current chassis dynamometer systems.

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Snowmobile engine dyno dynamometer thumbnail
Snowmobile engine dyno: Crankshaft mounted, for in-chassis measurement of true installed horsepower, without having to “guesstimate” track and belt losses.

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Tractor PTO dynamometer thumbnail
PTO tractor engine dyno: Mobile testing of tractor output, right in the field - literally. Eddy-current or water-brake absorbtion.

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Truck chassis dyno: Industrial class truck 2WD, 4WD, and AWD inertia + eddy-current chassis-dynamometer systems.

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PWC engine dynamometer: In-hull testing of PWCs, right at the jet pump. No need to rely on ambiguous hydraulic tank-thrust tests.

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OEM axle-hub dyno testing – with ACtiveSynch™ motoring option (AC-drive equipped).
Industrial dynos: AC drive, air-cooled or liquid-cooled eddy-current, and water-brake absorber – for educational, laboratory, OEM, or research facilities.

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Can't find your dyno? Try our Selector Tool. For unique RC, trailer, towing dynos, data-acquisition, do-it-yourself dyno plans, or used dynes – call.

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